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Free Leg Exploration: Elegance across Tango Movement and Figures
Free Leg Exploration: Elegance across Tango Movement and Figures

Free Leg Exploration: Elegance across Tango Movement and Figures

Fluidity, Elegance, Musicality, Composition

Horario y ubicación

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12 de oct de 2024, 1:00 p. m. – 5:00 p. m. GMT-6

Denver, 1570 N Clarkson St, Denver, CO 80218, USA

Acerca del evento

4-hour session every 2nd Saturday over 4 months, to work deeply and finely on FLUIDITY—a journey through the fluid space between positions, artistry in transitions; ELEGANCE—where one line of movement seamlessly and beautifully melds into the next; MUSICALITY—creatively applying technique and vocabulary to musical expression; and COMPOSITION—embracing connection for clear communication of ideas in the dance floor.

Each 4hrs session in the Tango Intensive Series is meticulously constructed with two integrated sections: "Laboratory of Movement" and "Application to Tango Structure & Figures". In the "Laboratory of Movement," dancers will engage in focused body conditioning exercises—based of Diana Cruz’s Tangotensegrity™ concepts—designed to enhance core strength, flexibility, and precise control, laying the foundation for fluid and elegant movement. Following this, the "Application to Tango Structure & Figures" section will seamlessly transition these refined movements into practical dance sequences, emphasizing connection, communication, and musicality. This approach ensures that dancers not only develop their technical abilities but also learn how to effectively incorporate these skills into the expressive and dynamic structure of Tango.


Sat, Aug 10th - Axis & Core,  Flexibility & Spiraling Motions

Sat, Sept, 14th -  Frame of the Embrace, Connection & Communication

Sat, Oct 12th - Free Leg Exploration: Elegance across Tango Movement and Figures

Sat, Nov 9th - Musicality: Dynamics & Composition

Workshops are designed for both roles. Registration is open for both individual dancers and couples. Limited tickets available.


  • Saturday Intensive - Oct 14th

    4hrs of workshops on the topic of 'Free Leg: Elegance across Tango Figures'. There will be 5-10mins breaks in between the 4hrs. The workshops includes 'Body Conditioning' exercises, please wear comfortable clothing.

    US$ 85,00
    Comisión de servicio: +US$ 2,13
  • 4 Saturdays Intensive Package

    It includes all 4 Saturdays of the Intensive Series. 16hrs of Workshops of 4 different topics.

    US$ 300,00
    Comisión de servicio: +US$ 7,50


US$ 0,00

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